Mobile Security: Email

Email provides one of the most easily breached stores personal data, and as such is a major security risk. It should therefore be used and configured with extreme caution on a mobile device.

The use of an email client, such as Apple Mac Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird on a laptop should only be considered if that laptop has full disk encryption. These email clients can store the entire contents of your email account locally on your laptop’s hard disk (to allow for offline access to archived emails), rendering your emails accessible to anyone who gains access to your device. If using an email client on a laptop, you must have full disk encryption on that laptop.

Similarly, email clients on smartphones and tablets have a limited capacity to store archived emails, and can also save your password, allowing anyone gaining access to your device free reign over your emails. You must have a PIN or passcode lock on your smartphone/tablet if you have configured it to use your University email service.

Email on an Unsecured Laptop

If you need to access your University email account from a laptop that does not have full disk encryption, or any computer to which others may have access, you should use the web-based access method for your email service.

Staffmail Users

  • start any web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc)
  • go to
  • enter your EASE username and password as normal

Office365 Users

  • start any web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc)
  • go to
  • Enter your username as and your password as normal